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Wellbeing at work
= W@W

A healthy body, without too much mental and physical stress, performs better, is balanced and optimally happy.
Yet we see a lot of people working around the clock, with no breaks. Bent over a computer quickly eating a sandwich, drinking lots coffee... sitting all day. in the car, at your desk, at the meeting table, at the customer's meeting... and in the evening, in their sofa.

The W@W program gives you insight into your way of working and teaches you how to be more efficient by working smarter and have more energy at the end of the day. You will receive concrete, easily applicable and workable tips to create new habits that give you more energy and less strain on your body. Less stress, less neck and back problems.

Understanding what stress is exactly, what your stressors are and especially, how you can get your stress under control. Thanks to a neurocognitive approach, you learn how to activate your Adaptive Intelligence. This stimulates our ability to be creative and to better adapt to the rapidly evolving world we live in. Adaptive Intelligence also helps organisations by making them more flexible and resilient.

More energy, physically and mentally. More focus making you more efficient, using your energy well and even having energy left at the end of your day.

Better communication with colleagues and customers, result in high quality projects and long-term trust relationships.

The starter package includes 4 days where we offer an answer to "body, mind and soul". Mail to request a (video) call and find out what we can do for your organisation.

Our team of coaches provide the training and are assisted by Matthias for the "lazy healthy lunch" and by Moes, our movement expert who, on the basis of fun playful assignments, introduces you to the different strategies to move intelligently and pain-free.


A range of leadership programs, from novice leader to experienced manager who is facing permanent changes. Themes such as, self-leadership, coaching leadership and translating vision and strategy into a concrete workable roadmap, are discussed here.

Develop your leadership skills in a personalised programme with a very hands-on roadmap based on Lencioni's model.
Authentic leadership starts with a better knowledge and understanding of your own communication and behavioural preferences; this programme is a mix of one-on-one coaching sessions and group training sessions with practical cases.

The power
of communication

Communication, seems so simple and obvious and at the same time it is often the source of frustration and misunderstandings. Communication, from the Latin "communicare" means: making common. Gain insight into your own communication style, the power of verbal & nonverbal, active listening (including hearing what is not said), being comfortable giving feedback or difficult messages; are just a few of the items offered in this category.


Executive business coaching for senior staff & CEO’s, team coaching and career coaching.
Coaching helps you to look at the situation from a different perspective, to also look below the waterline. To make better use of your talents and to become more aware of your competencies. Thanks to this increase in perception, you can gain new insights and achieve more conscious goals.

  • Executive business coaching: for professionals with key positions within the organizations. A coach as a confidant can help to examine both professional and personal interests, doubts, vision in order to make the right, conscious, choices
  • Team coaching: working together can sometimes create tension and negatively affect group dynamics. Better understanding of mutual needs, interests, fears and talents can strengthen the team and bring better results.
  • Career coaching: Are you happy in your current job, or are you looking for a new turn? What do you really love to do? What do you secretly dream of? Discover what really drives you and make you happy; Dare to choose for that job that doesn’t feel like work, more like a calling and provides you proud and happiness.


Any change to better performance starts with better self-understanding. Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible color model that helps people, teams and organizations function optimally. Starting from your identity and personal strength, tools are provided to bring all types of sales calls to a long-term success. Easily recognize your customer's energy and create a relationship of trust faster. This will make you their inspiring advisor who guarantees long-term relationships and success

  • Pitch your product/solution
  • Expand your network by intelligently managing your relationships ( networking)
  • Offer added value and deliver more than expected
  • Manager your sales teams to the best of your ability
  • How to stay performant and efficient in times of Corona - stay in touch with every customer

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